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About PolymerPlusPolymerPlus LLC is a polymeric technology development company that provides polymer science and engineering services and fabrication of custom nanolayered polymer products to government and corporate clients. It has established a portfolio consisting of multilayered polymeric development products for high technology applications and open sourced research and development services that range from basic polymer materials and processing research through pilot scale processing and product development of multilayered polymer systems.

PolymerPlus was founded in July 2010 out of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. The Company’s initial focus involved the development of and commercialization of gradient refractive index lens technology (GRIN) enabled through the production of variable refractive index polymer nanolayered film systems. This technology was focused on specialty military applications and was funded through the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency MGRIN program. Since 2010, PolymerPlus has expanded the scope of its R&D programs to include application areas beyond the GRIN lens technology platform. Continued growth and re-investments in physical assets that include: a 15,000 ft squared facility, R&D and pilot processing lines, and analytical facilities have enabled PolymerPlus to expand its research and development services to envelop a wider range of multilayered film applications including dielectric films for capacitor applications, solvent-free fiber/filter media fabrication, reflective films, high barrier films, and GRIN lens technology for lightweight imaging systems.

To the best of our knowledge, most small and medium scale polymer product manufacturers do not have sizeable R&D centers for product research and analysis. Most material testing laboratories do not offer product development services. PolymerPlus does both with the belief that a company with these abilities provides a faster model for product development and fills an important gap in the commercial marketplace by providing focused product and process R&D and materials characterization services to clients. With its broad range of services and capabilities ranging from material formulation, film processing/tolling, and characterization services to support product/prototype development, PolymerPlus is uniquely positioned to offer these services in the fields of multilayered films and general polymer technology to prospective clients.

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