Dielectric Characterization

Premier II Tester

Dielectric Film Tester

PolymerPlus has designed a high temperature set-up for film sample testing. Using a hot-plate and dielectric fluid, high temperature breakdown and hysteresis testing up to 125 °C can be performed.






Chroma 19057 Hipot Analyzer

Chroma 19057 Hipot Analyzer

The Chroma 19057 Hipot Analyzer is available for film charge/discharge and breakdown measurements. This equipment is designed for testing and analyzing high voltage. The Hipot Analyzer provides high withstand voltage test and analysis for various electric components.




SC7620 Mini Sputter Coater

SC7620 Mini sputter coater

A SC7620 Mini sputter coater is a compact sputter coater useful for coating electrodes on polymer films. It has a magnetic deflection sputter coating head and adjustable specimen stage. Gold/Palladium targets are typically used for coating.

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