Film Coextrusion

PolymerPlus operates two in-house multilayer coextrusion systems to conduct micro- and nanolayer cast polymer film processing trials.   

PolymerPlus multilayer coextrusion line Pilot Scale coextrusion line
R & D Scale Coextrusion Line: 2–10 Lbs/Hour Capacity     Pilot Scale Coextrusion Line: 10 – 60 Lbs/Hour Capacity


Both coextrusion lines are capable of producing film up to 20” wide with up to 4,000 layers.


PolymerPlus18 mm twin screw extruder

On-site polymer material blending or masterbatch compounding is available via a Leitstritz Micro 18 Twin Screw Extruder (shown left).  Operating at a throughput of 2 to 20 lbs. /hr., the twin screw extruder allows for custom compounding in sufficient quantities for multilayer coextrusion or development scale processing trials.








Thermoforming / Lamination

Capabilities include thermoforming of polymer resins and/or films into molded parts for optical lens fabrication, analytical part testing, and laminate coatings.  On-site production equipment includes two heated/cooled hydraulic presses (12”x12” and 6”x6” platen areas) and a vacuum capable autoclave thermoformer.  Combined with experience in mold tooling designs allows PolymerPlus to fabricate custom molded parts and optics as “one-offs” or in batches approaching hundreds of parts. 

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