Commercial Multilayered Films

Multilayered films are known to impact the mechanical, optical, gas transport properties and many other properties. The properties are significantly impacted with increasing interaction of polymers in the layered components.  The multilayered films also offer  opportunities to combine polymers that do not produce good blends.  Many uses with improved barrier and improved mechanical properties have been demonstrated. Film development from trash bags to blood-bags is possible using multilayered films

PolymerPlus Developmental Work

- Multilayered films up  to 65,000 layers produced.
- Multilayered structures with different configurations, compositions and number of layers produced as per properties requirements.
- Commercial films for packaging and specialty applications  developed for various clients
- High gas barrier and water barrier film development for food and medicine packaging applications demonstrated.

Multilayer Film Examples

Multilayer Film Examples

Examples of Improved Properties

 Examples of improved properties

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