Dielectric Multilayered Films

PolymerPlus nanolayered polymer dielectrics technology have demonstrated fabrication of high energy density, high temperature performance capacitor films and capacitors.  The nanaolayered films offer a capability to reduce capacitor size by increasing energy density. The films are available at low rate quantities and evaluation.

A Few Key Developments in the Dielectric Film Technology Are:

  • - Multilayered films with increased energy density ( Up to 16 J/cc vs 5 J/cc for BOPP), high temperature performance (up to 160 °C), and high breakdown strength (>1000 MV/m) achieved, better than BOPP or PET capacitor
  • - Film roll production rate up to 3000 ft length
  • - Film thicknesses range – From 6 µm to 100 µm (and more if required)
  • - Capacitor prototypes in 1 µF to 6 µF developed and tested various properties.
  • - Capacitance change less than 0.01% over 25 to 160 °C.
  • - The IR and the ESR values of the 1.5 µF prototypes were comparable with the commercial BOPP and PET capacitors.

Dielectric Multilayered Films

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