GRIN Optics

PolymerPlus nanolayered polymer GRIN optics have demonstrated a capability to reduce Vis-SWIR optical system mass/volume by replacing glass or homogenous plastic optic(s) and reducing the required optical element count.  These elements are available in low rate quantities for custom optical applications/system integration.

These advances were enabled by leveraging:

- Activating subsurface lens material optical power (focus & chromatic correction) through adding gradient index profiles
- Increased design freedom (design to variable RI profile shape/magnitude – axial, spherical, “radial”)
- Flexible manufacturing technology capable of achieving a wide variety of GRIN profiles & final lens diameter/geometry

Grin Optic Lenses

Unlimited Axial, Spherical, or Aspheric Refractive Index Profiles Unlimited Axial, Spherical, or Aspheric Refractive Index Profiles

Optic Fabrication and Custom Design Services

Optic fabrication and custom design services are offered by PolymerPlus through contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Aided by a developed Zemax add-on .dll optical design software program (available by contacting PolymerPlus or selecting links below), optical performance of our nanolayered optics can be integrated and optimized for use in real-world optical systems. Whether designers are looking for increased field of view, chromatic aberration correction, or light weight optical alternatives, PolymerPlus optical engineers can assist in evaluating and designing systems with these new polymeric optical nanomaterials.

Redesigned drop-in placement for a PVS-14 NVG eyepiece was 24% lighter than commercial product with comparable optical performance:

GRIN optic example

GRIN Product


GRIN Product with 3.5X volume reduction and 7.5X weight reduction over commercial system.





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