Non-woven Fibers 

PolymerPlus nonwoven fiber technology uses multilayer processing of two or more polymers to produce a continuous film with hundreds of thousands fibers. Separation of the fibers produces non-woven fiber mats. Small size fiber mats are available for testing.


- Non-woven fiber mats produced using two or more polymers with fiber dimensions down to few hundred nanometers.
- Special fibers with dimensions down to few tens of nanometers have also been developed.
- Fiber fabrication is a solvent-free process
- Custom fiber distributions  can be fabricated.
- Many commercial polymers which could not be processes by conventional fiber fabrication techniques can be fabrication using PolymerPlus coextrusion process.

Potential Applications:

- Fuel/water separators, oil, lube filters
- Water and air filtration
- Porous absorbent pads (e.g. diapers)
- Medical scaffolds

Non-woven Fibers

PolymerPlus Non-woven Prototypes Displaying High Tensile Strength

Non-woven Fiber tensile strength

PA6/PP Prototypes Exhibit High Surface Area and Reduced Pore Size

Non-woven Prototype Chart 


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